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Beware of fic spam on my journal some time this week. I've got a couple fics I need to repost over here, and a couple that I'm hoping to finish sometime soon... if my ridiculous work schedule this week permits me to, anyway.

Also, while I have your attention, [ profile] halfamoon, a community that promotes female centric fic/art/meta/whatever in fandom, is going on throughout the first part of February. Check it out and submit some content!
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Updated my layout today, along with my tag list. The tags should be much easier to read now and much more organized. Some day I'll get around to having a master post of fanworks/fandoms. SOMEDAY.
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I will write fic today. I will, I will, I will!

p.s. writing smutfic at the kitchen table with three roommates hovering around is virtually impossible. whyyyy are there no other flat surfaces in this apartment.


Aug. 3rd, 2010 09:21 pm
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[ profile] oneoffour111, you are killing me with Chiron on the Facebook RP. How would you like your Internet cookies delivered?

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I've noticed in recent days that FFnet isn't displaying the asterisks I use for scene changes/dividers on my fics anymore. Has this happened to anyone else's non-standard FFnet dividers or is it just my fics being weird?
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So I'm usually too scattered brained to remember to do these sorts of things, but since I actually remembered this time...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] mediate89!
greenconverses: (fern gully: my name is batty), I'm not sure I like the redesign that you're doing with the page skip options. It is both confusing and obnoxious. Why on earth would I want the option of skipping six pages when I could pick what number I wanted the last time?

And holy shit, Twitter did a redesign on its front page too! Now all the Internet needs is a Facebook to do something ~drastic~ and we'll be good to go for the first unofficial Website Redesign Tuesday.
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I apologize to anyone who's tried to read my journal in the last hour and keeps getting the layouts changed on them. I'm trying to find a new one, and I'm being rather picky about it.
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My mom has a ginormous romance novel collection, and one of my favorite things to do is look for the worst titles of the bunch when I come home. As a result, my favorite awesomely bad romance novel titles:

The Kyriakos Virgin Bride
Daring the Dynamic Sheikh
The Texan's Honor-Bound Promise
Touch Me in the Dark
Tall, Dark and Flithy Rich
The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride
Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child

The last one is just all kinds of special.

In other news, we're expecting between 10 to 14 inches of snow beginning around noon tomorrow and lasting until Friday. Uh, yay?
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So, according to this lovely post, I can hand out $10 LJ coupons to non-paid members to go toward a paid account until January 15.

Drop a line if you'd like one. First come, first serve, and all that jazz.
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So it seems like insanity seems to crop up whenever Icy Roses and I chat together, and this is what resulted from tonight. CAPSLOCK and CRACK abound. I make no excuses, and this probably isn't as amusing as I think it is.

A day in the life on ONTD Olympus )

Icy Roses: Are you aware that we have the best conversations ever?
[ profile] greenconverses: I am, yes.

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This week episode of Merlin? Made me do the DDDDD: face the entire time. Poor, poor Merlin can never win. But the Merlin and Arthur bonding scene at the end? BE STILL MY LITTLE SLASH HEART. Arthur actually noticing that Merlin is upset? Arthur actually trying to make him feel better? Just, gah. Too adorable.

I AM HERE TO WOO will be my catch phrase after next week's episode, for sure.


[ profile] humaax3 posted these new PJO promotional posters over at [ profile] cabinthree. Annabeth's is totally badass, not even going to lie. Plus, my glee over it is not helped at all that I wrote fic about them fighting monsters on the Statue of Liberty. XD In short, I am a nerd.


I've also thrown my name in to write a [ profile] ship_manifesto for Percy/Annabeth because I am insane love them entirely too damn much and want to share the love with everyone.


Am still hideously behind on the NaNo. Oh well.
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Heath Ledger Dead at 28.

Nothing else to say. This is all the buzz on my dorm floor.

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The Internet is full of crazy.

Please, boggle at Baby Got Bible with me. 

I can't decide if they're being for serious or if it's

I think this is the first Internet video ever that has completely broken my brain. 

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This just makes my day complete.

South Park is parodying Stargate and Battlestar Galatica in the same episode. And Kurt Russell! 

"I'm just an actor!" 
"You did something in that movie that was like this once, didn't you?"

I love it. 

And, oh my god, the Satan worshipping animals from the Christmas special have made a reappearance. And I love how they're completely more evil than the rest of the evil imaginary characters of all time.

Kurt Russell and the rest of the Gate team just got pwned by the Woodland Christmas animals. 



Oct. 17th, 2007 12:35 am
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Stephen Colbert mentioned fan fic on his show tonight!

He was talking about having Anderson Cooper on his show Thursday night and he said, "Gentlemen, start your fan fiction now!" 

Stephen Colbert knows about slashers! 


although I rather strongly object to him using "gentlemen" considering most slashers are women. and most fan ficcers in general are women.
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Holy flippin' 80s movies, Batman!

Robert Davi is in The Goonies! :O I didn't even recognize him. 

I had the same reaction when I watched The Goonies when Lord of the Rings was in theatres and I realized the lead role of Mikey was played by Sean Astin. It only took me the entire movie to figure it out... *eye roll* I'm so bad at recognizing actors in their younger roles.

Anyway, the fact that I now know that Robert Davi is in The Goonies makes it even more awesome than I thought it was before. 

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Did a bit of overhauling on my eljay tonight. 

Took for-freakin'-eva to figure out how I was going to display the background picture without it being covered up by ads or by the entries themselves because I am design illiterate. It also took a very long time to decide what theme I was going to use, but I ended up just going back to the old theme and choosing a different color scheme, which matches the picture well. And don't get me started on the picture, 'cause I kept changing that when I figured out the text would show up. 

So much drama for such a small space. 

The picture is of Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes from Transformers, which has become my new crack fandom. I'm such a sucker for big robots that go smash and silly teen romances. ;)  But I also think it's a beautiful picture - what Michael Bay lacks in storytelling he makes up for in gorgeous shots like this. 

The added lyric is from Before It's Too Late by the Goo Goo Dolls (yay) and is labelled - approriately - as Sam and Mikaela's theme on the Transformers soundtrack. This song's become my summer anthem and...well, the Goo Goo Dolls just kick ass. 

One more day 'til Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Yayz!

Damn it, I was supposed to go to bed early tonight.


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