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Posting has begun for [ profile] pjo_xchange! I'll be posting fics, fanmixes, and graphics throughout the next week, so head on over and check out what people have done!

Additionally, it looks like I might be needing some pinch hitters for participants I haven't heard back from. If anyone is interested in turning around a quick fic or fanmix for a variety of pairings, please let me know. Your reward will be some beautiful, bribe-filled fic from yours truly. (And if that's not enough... I'll make you Internet cookies? idek)
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I went ahead and created the PJO Holiday Exchange at [ profile] pjo_xchange. Sign-ups run until Nov. 23. I'll do some proper pimping as soon as I get graphics. ;)

If you can't write/don't have the time, there will be a betaing sign-up post opening once the regular sign-ups close.
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Would anyone be interested in participating and/or helping run a PJO Holiday Fic/Art/Whatever Exchange this year?

I mulled over the idea last year, but I didn't have the time and didn't think fandom was big enough/active enough to arrange it. I think it could be fun this year though.
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Confession: I could really not give a flying fuck about who they cast in The Hunger Games movie so long as it's not fucking Kaya Scodelario.

I just wish they would do it already so fandom can stop with all the fucking weekly ~fan cast~ posts and move on to bitching about something else.
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I can't decide if I hate everything I've written the past couple of weeks because it's

a.) just plain bad
b.) the Facebook RPG is effing with my characterization of Percy and Annabeth big time
c.) self-sabotage because The Lost Hero comes out next week (hommmmmg) and I'm just waiting for Riordan to blow everything I've ever written out of the water and make me like that he's doing it and writing more at this point seems futile
d.) stress of school, the newspaper and everything else getting to me

unrelated Titanic icon is unreleated
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Happy Monday! Have some Percy Jackson Facebook RP to brighten your day:


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Question: when you look at fandom-wide challenges and you don't see your type of fandom widely represented, do you hesitate to sign up because you feel like you don't belong there?

Like right now, I'm mostly involved in book fandoms and most of the cool challenges I run across are heavily populated by people belonging to TV/movie fandoms, and sometimes I feel like if I sign-up, I'll be that party crashing weirdo who Didn't Get The Memo or something.

It's probably just me being ridiculous, as usual, but I'm curious.


In non-[ profile] greenconverses-has-made-up-issues-with-the-Internets news and speaking of challenges, [ profile] redbrunja is hosting THE HUNGER GAMES DRABBLE MEME so if you want to submit prompts, write or read a variety of THG fic before Mockingjay comes out, there's the place to do it!


Aug. 3rd, 2010 09:21 pm
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[ profile] oneoffour111, you are killing me with Chiron on the Facebook RP. How would you like your Internet cookies delivered?

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Decided to drop out of the [ profile] pjo_bigbang this week because I don't have the time or motivation to finish either fics I talked about writing. Hopefully I'll get around to finishing them (especially Medius) soon, but it just wasn't going to happen by the post date.

And I feel like a total ass for not doing this sooner and I apologize for being such a huge scatterbrain because I'm always forgetting stuff like this, but a giant THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the categories the [ profile] pjoawards. I'm so very grateful for all of you who read and comment on my fic or on my journal in general, and I'm so glad to have you all in this awesome fandom of ours. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Second: Voting for the [ profile] pjoawards ends tonight, so if you haven't voted yet, go and check out all the category nominees, and give them some love.

Thank you for everyone who nominated me. I truly appreciate it. :)
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Go nominate your favorite fic authors, fanmix makers, graphic makers, etc. at [ profile] pjoawards, or support people who have already been nominated by seconding those nominations. Variety rules. :)


Still no serious progress on [ profile] pjo_bigbang. It's just been way too hard to sit down and write the last week, much harder than I anticipated. If the deadline doesn't get suspended, I'm going to have to drop out because there's no way I can get everything finished by Tuesday.
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Fics I should've pimped long ago but am finally getting around to doing

Three by [ profile] from_elysium is 60K of epic Percy/Annabeth fic that she finally finished this week (minus the epilogue). Read, and bask in its glory.

Four Times Percy Saw a Daemon Settle by [ profile] antistar_e is a Percy Jackson/His Dark Materials crossover that is just way too awesome for words. You don't even need to know either of the series particularly well to enjoy it because it's just that good.

In Which Nico Grows a Spine by [ profile] juxtaposie is some blazing hot Nico/Annabeth porn that I can't help but adore.

:D? by [ profile] aramleys_words a Supernatural crackfic where Dean gets cursed to talk only in text speak and is downright hilarious. Always good on a downer day.

And, randomly, burdge-bug's latest piece of Percy Jackson fan art because she never fails to make me askdjklsajda about anything she draws for this fandom.
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And while I'm here, time to join in the pimping out of [ profile] pjo_bigbang. If you'd like to write 15,000 words or more of PJO fic or do art, sign ups are open!
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Finished up the Percy/Annabeth essay for [ profile] ship_manifesto with, like, ten minutes before the deadline. It's almost 5,000 words long.

Yes, seriously.

I'm sure 1,000 words of it is quotes from the books, but the rest of it is me rambling about how much I love my ship. The mods still have to approve it, so it might not show up for another day or so, which sort of sucks because I noticed some minor coding mistakes in the preview window that I didn't get fixed beforehand. Oh well.

And poor Meryl Streep just can't win that Oscar, huh? Don't worry, Meryl - your adoring public still loves you! ♥ But congratulations to Katheryne Bigelow, the first woman to win a Best Director Oscar! It only took 82 fucking years. Stay progressive, Hollywood.
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I don't think I'm going to put anything up for auction this time, but I hope this gets as much attention as [ profile] help_haiti did because it's every bit as important.
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My project this week is working on the Percy/Annabeth essay for [ profile] ship_manifesto that needs to be posted Sunday. I have less than 200 words for something that's probably going to be upwards of 2,500 when finished, so yaaaay for procrastination! Good thing I've written this essay in my head, like, a million times already and spring break is next week, otherwise I'd be screwed.

But, I do need some help. There's supposed to be a fandom guide for the pairing - essentially what a new kid should read/look at - and while I have my own ideas of what to suggest, I know I've probably missed something out there. So, P/A fans on my f-list, what fanworks (fics, art, fanmixes, etc.) would you recommnd for this awesomesauce ship?
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Someday I swear I'll be able to go a week without pimping something for this fandom...
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