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Happy Last Day of 2010!

I don't know about you all, but I'll be celebrating by getting snowed in during a fantastic year-end blizzard. Exactly what I wanted to do.

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My mom has a ginormous romance novel collection, and one of my favorite things to do is look for the worst titles of the bunch when I come home. As a result, my favorite awesomely bad romance novel titles:

The Kyriakos Virgin Bride
Daring the Dynamic Sheikh
The Texan's Honor-Bound Promise
Touch Me in the Dark
Tall, Dark and Flithy Rich
The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride
Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child

The last one is just all kinds of special.

In other news, we're expecting between 10 to 14 inches of snow beginning around noon tomorrow and lasting until Friday. Uh, yay?
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It is fucking snowing. On October 9.

I hate you, South Dakota!

*shakes fist*
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Since I was up in Rapid City for the summer, I was going to go see fireworks at Mount Rushmore because, you know, FIREWORKS AT MOUNT RUSHMORE.

But it turned out, I had to work tonight when the fireworks were going on. Good thing too, otherwise I would've been majorly pissed. They're currently shooting off fireworks in the FOG. F-O-G. We're watching it on TV in the newsroom, and all you can see is brightly colored clouds. You can't even see the monument at all.

It is possibly the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.

Dear state,
Why must you always fail at everything?
No love,

ETA: Just learned my hometown is shooting fireworks off the top deck of the historic Meridian Bridge. When it was still open, they shot fireworks off the lower deck and it was SWEET.

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I've actually been taking some picture this summer, so I figured I better share some of good ol' western South Dakota with the rest of you.

Photos of the Badlands )
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Okay, it is so weird to see my old high school with Sen. Hillary Clinton speaking in it on CNN every hour or so. I keep looking up at the TV screen in the corner and I'm like, "Whoa, I ate lunch in there for four years. What the hell is that doing on national television?!"

Also, big city news corporations: We do have more than one scenic background shot. You do not have to shoot everything in front of Mount Rushmore to get us to believe that you're actually in South Dakota. And tell that dumbass reporter to talk off his cowboy hat and stop stereotyping us as backwoods cowboys.
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Dear The Spill Canvas,

Thank you for providing me the soundtrack(s) for my original fic. You rock and you need much more appreciation and fanthings than you get. I'm sure I'm going to get sick of listening to No Really, I'm Fine by the end of the month but for now, you guys rule my musical domain. My only regret is that I didn't get into you sooner.

And I'm not just saying that because you're from South Dakota, although that's how I first heard of you, because nearly all youngs things in the state have had a conversation that went something like, "Hey, you have you listened to that band from Sioux Falls yet? They've been on MTV!" I'm not going to just fangirl you because you're from South Dakota and because I have a chance of meeting you guys at the grocery store the next time I go to Sioux Falls (you still live in state! eeee!), but because you'd rock hardcore no matter what state you come from.

Your newly minted fanthing
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Dear Weather,

I don't know if you realize this or not, but it is April 10. Spring started 21 days ago.


Thank you kindly,
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Stop being such a tease, weather system. It is officially not cool that you're dumping three plus inches of snow on us in subarctic temperatures when it was warm enough to wear sandals on Friday.

I see your so-called "Global Warming" Al Gore and raise you "MOST FUCKING FREEZING FEBRUARY EVAAAH."

In other news, the Writer's Strike is nearly over. Heroes isn't come back until fall, The Office might be back in time for sweeps, and Chuck might not be back at all. *weeps for "Chuck"*


Nov. 30th, 2007 10:16 am
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I hate winter weather.

The wind chill was -2 degrees this morning. It's been extremely cold all week, but this is the first time it's dipped below zero. Oh lucky me. And I get it walk five blocks to classes! Yay!

I must tell my mother that I want thermal underwear for a Christmas present.

My computer, which was on the fritz in one of my earlier entries, finally decided to quit on me for good, so the only computer access I have is in public areas (like I am now, the campus coffee shop). I probably won't be posting very much in December unless the computer situation is fixed soon.

So if you don't hear from me, I am not dead. Just without private internet access.

Although I might be dead in a few weeks. Finals are coming up. :S
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I have a four day weekend because the snow gods decided to bless the Midwest with a god awful blizzard again! My town actually didn't get too hard - we were right on the edge of the almighty storm. It's the rural areas that have it pretty bad - blowing snow and 45 MPH winds and all that.

Oh well. As long as we don't have school, I could care less. Now I can actually get some things (a.k.a FIC) done!

And I can knit many scarfs. :)

Provided that the power doesn't go out for an entire day like it did last year and I am forced to play board games with my sister to pass the time. 

I think I'd kill myself.

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Why is it so damn cold outside? I hate winter...hate it, I hate it! What happened to the relatively warm weather we had yesterday, huh?

And by relatively warm, I mean 36 degrees with no wind.

That was practically light coat weather, compared to the two weeks of below zero temperatures we've been facing lately. Global warming my ass.

Must get back to writing my AP Literature paper. I've been putting that off since I arrived home and it's due in two and a half hours. I seem to work best when I'm under a hour crunch time.

God, I'm going to die next year.
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Since we've all been shivering in our coats and badly knitted scarfs for the past few weeks, I found this joke to be rather appropriate. My home state is South Dakota, but you can substitute your Midwest state in there accordingly.

60 Degrees Above Zero
Arizonians turn on the heat.
South Dakotans plant gardens.

50 Degrees Above Zero
Arizonians shiver uncontrollably.
South Dakotans go for one last swim in the lake.

40 Degrees Above Zero
Italian and English cars won't start.
South Dakotans drive with the windows rolled down.

32 Degrees Above Zero
Distilled water freezes.
The water in Lake Traverse gets thicker.

20 Degrees Above Zero
Floridians on coats, thermal underwear, gloves, and wool hats.
South Dakotans throw on a hooded sweatshirt.

15 Degrees Above Zero
New York landlords finally turn up the heat.
South Dakotans have the last cookout before it gets cold.

Zero Degrees
The citizens of Miami all die.
South Dakotans decide it's time to close the windows.

10 Degrees Below Zero
Californians migrate to Mexico.
South Dakotans break out their winter coats.

15 Degrees Below Zero
Hollywood disintegrates.
South Dakotan Girl Scouts are selling cookies door to door.

20 Degrees Below Zero
Washington D.C. finally runs out of hot air.
South Dakotans let the dogs sleep indoors.

35 Degrees Below Zero
Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.
South Dakotans get upset because they can't start the mini-van.

40 Degrees Below Zero
ALL atomic motion stops.
South Dakotans start saying, "Cold enough for you?"

45 Degrees Below Zero
Hell freezes over.
South Dakota public schools will open two hours late.

...except if you live in Yankton where school never runs late. *grumbles*


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