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First reaction: "Jesus Christ, why do you have so many books?" Photographic evidence )

Second reaction: "And which ten year old's bookshelf did you raid recently?!"

And while they were boggling at my complete collections of the 39 Clues and other various kids series intermixed with my stack of Meg Cabot books, novels about the on-coming zombie apocalypse, and all the classics I bought but never read, I could stash my insane amount of Lora Leigh smut under the bed (if it wasn't there already) and smile innocently.
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With a job in the journalism and/or publishing industry? Too optimistic, I know.

I would also like to be published in ten years, but this would mean I would probably need to start working on a book now, so...
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Titanic. At least a hundred times, probably more. Will I get sick of it? NEVAH. *insert "I'll never let go!" joke here*
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Bacon and peanut butter sandwich on toasted bread. Yum. After the initial, "You're eating what on what?" phase, a couple of my friends have tried it and they've liked it - not exactly the healthiest thing in the universe to be consuming on a regular basis though.

Also, my sister and I dunk Oreos in water instead of milk. I went through a phase as a child where I hated milk and needed to find a substitute for cookie dunking purposes, and water seemed like the best choice. This never fails to gross our friends out. All it does it make the Oreos soggy, people! It is not as gross as you seem to think it is. Chips Ahoy cookies work equally well for water dunking
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When you see it, bricks will be shat.

And this, just because it's ridiculously awesome. )
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I had to drive 29 miles back to my hometown to vote because I forgot to register in my university town. There was no one there when I arrived at around 12:45 and I was number 400-something in the precinct to vote. When one of the ladies working at the table heard my name, she was like, "Oh, I remember when you were just a little baby! It's hard to believe you're all grown up now!"

Yup, all grown up and voting for my first presidental campaign. Even though my vote didn't do anything to change my state's color from red to blue, I'm proud to say I supported our now President-elect Barack Obama. :)

Also, the second South Dakota abortion ban in four years was just voted down. Maybe the Vote Yes For Life camp will finally get the message that some other state can be their battleground to take down Roe v. Wade? Hmmm, doubt it. This is going to be the issue that keeps coming back on ballot every two years - like video lottery, in a way.

Damn, I just realized I don't have a gleefully happy icon.
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Sometimes been a teenage alien telepath really sucks.

Of course, there's more to it then that but I'm keeping it simple for now. *goes back to her NaNoing*
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The stars fell. We all screamed.
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Got my assignment for the John-and-Teyla Thing-a-Thon. I'm very excited but I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do for it. Good thing I have a month or so before it's due so I can produce someting completely awesome.


Do not even speak to me of [community profile] sgabigbang. This is the last week I have where I can just sit on my ass and I haven't looked at it once since I got out of school. (I'm so sorry [profile] ticklie! I'll be getting on my part soon!) The hiatus is getting to me! Someone motivate me, quick!


I signed up for [profile] twilightficmixtoo. Sigh. Once they approve me, I get to write 12 fics based on the album No Really, I'm Fine by The Spill Canvas and centered on Rosalie. Why did I pick Rosalie? Well, she seems to be the least represented character in fandom and I want to flesh out her character beyond the crap Meyer gave us. Plus, there's little Emmett/Rosalie smut...or little Emmett/Rosalie fic in general and they have one of the most healthy relationships in the series.

Yes, flist. The Twilight obsession is here to stay. At least during hiatus. ;)


My planning for my original fic is actually going really well for once. I'm still in the process of outlining characters and the plot's constantly evolving into something bigger and better, but I'm in love with this story I want to tell. Or, at least, I'm in love with the male protagionist I've created. XD The story's supposed to be about the female protagionist but his story is just so much more interesting... I'm thinking about doing POV switches throughout the story so both of them can have equal time. Or doing the first half of the fic in her POV and then the second half in his. 

Anyway, I'm hoping to have at least 1,000 words of that written by the end of the week. I might just start in the middle of the story because that's where the interesting stuff starts...
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[Error: unknown template qotd] FIRST!

Who the hell cares if you were the first to comment on a post/video/article whatever? Do you want a prize for being the very special snowflake who got the first comment? Because I sure as hell ain't giving you one.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Sex scenes. I can lead into just fine, but once it gets anywhere below the waist, I freak out and can't do it. I have scenes that have been sitting on my hard drive for ages because I can't get around to finishing the damn sex scene. I finished one today because I was as vague as I could be. It's like I get embarrassed by describing it or something.  


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