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Dear SMeyer,

I know you want to be all hip to the lingo of us kids these days, but phrases such as

- True, that.
- Unbelievable (italicized exactly as shown)
- skillzzz
- junkie ho
- Sing it, sister
- Super secret ninja club and BFF

just show that you are trying way too fucking hard. Please stop writing. Now.

The Universe

Coming to a LiveJournal near you: [ profile] greenconverses and [ profile] from_elysium read SMeyer's new novella so you don't have to!

Excerpt: [ profile] from_elysium: Wow, this is getting more unbelievable by the line.
[ profile] from_elysium: They go to a Target, Jess.
[ profile] greenconverses: WHAT
[ profile] from_elysium: *facepalm*
[ profile] greenconverses: ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS
[ profile] from_elysium: They go to a Target and buy ziplock bags because she doesn't like wet pages in her books.
[ profile] from_elysium: WHAT

Although if you really want to read this and see how shitty it is, you could get the free copy on It's up all month.
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In honor of Stephenie Meyer announcing that she's writing another book in the Twilight series (hold me, Internets, I'm frightened), I'm just going to leave this link here.

Mark Reads Twilight

And this.
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Went go see New Moon today because I like torturing myself, apparently.

This was pretty much my expression during the entire movie:

Yeah, it was like equal parts horror and comedy. I laughed at the most inappropriate times - starting off with the title sequence which has to be one of the LONGEST SEQUENCES IN CINEMA HISTORY, I SWEAR, and mostly whenever Edward showed up, actually, with his LOOK OF PAIN face - and was horrified by everything that was supposed to be considered "romantic." Like the Jacob and Edward fighting over Bella? And Bella's crazy co-dependence? TOTALLY ONE HUNDRED TIMES MORE CREEPIER THAN IN THE BOOK. I was so repulsed by the YOU SILLY GIRL YOU CAN'T MAKE INDEPENDENT DECISIONS undertones sometimes I couldn't even find it funny.

Really, it says something when the characters who have a total of 5 minutes of screentime are more enjoyable then the main characters. I fucking love the humans - I'd take Mike, Jessica, and Charlie over Edward, Bella, and Jacob any day.

That being said, best part of the movie was like the 30 minutes where Jacob runs around shirtless. I am shallow, all right? Great abs will make me forget any sort of fail for a little bit.

Also, SGA fans? Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays Todd and Halling, is in this movie as the vampire Marcus. Every time he spoke, I was like, "TOOOOODDDDD." It was another win.
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Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit.

Stephenie Meyer recced Percy Jackson and the Olympians on her website.

"Hope you all are having a great summer so far! If you're looking for some beach reading, you might try Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series if you haven't already. My son finally finished book five yesterday so I could read it today. It was a fantastic end to a fantastic series. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Riordan!"

While normally I'd be pretty happy this series is finally getting some attention, I'd rather it not be from her. I don't know how good her recc track is beyond getting a whole bunch of people interested in Muse, but dammit. My fandom is going to be (could be?) invaded by Twihards and Twimoms before the summer if it's not bad enough already!

*goes to weep over in the corner*

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I hate to say it, but damn they made this movie look good. Or at least better than the other two trailers. Also, RPattz is still fucking gorgeous. Hot kiss FTW!
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My pre-ordered birthday present of Breaking Dawn never came in the mail so I actually had to go out and buy it on Friday because I'd waited long enough. I finished it on Saturday, not from lack of trying but because I really didn't want to suffer through Bella's POV as a super sparkly vampire until the morning hours.

Overall, I didn't like the book. The thing about Stephenie Meyer is that she can never not let her characters have a non-happy ending. That's what pissed me off when I read The Host - she had the perfect ending for Wanderer right there and then she had to go tack on another twenty pages of because OMG IT WASN'T A SHINY HAPPY ENDING YET. Someone needs to let SMeyer know that there is a happy medium between the fairy tale ending and Greek tragedy ending, and that she should find it - fast. I would've liked Breaking Dawn a lot better if everything hadn't come wrapped up in a nice, shiny bow.

Also, I freak the fuck out over seeing normal women giving birth on TV. The birth scene in Breaking Dawn really didn't do me any favors in the "I maybe wanna reproduce someday!" department. I think my legs are going to be firmly crossed for the next decade or so, thanks to SMeyer and her spine breaking demon spawn.

Anyway, we'll cut to the short list of things I did like about the book.

Things I Liked About Breaking Dawn )
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I can't wait for my copy of Breaking Dawn to show up on my doorstep tomorrow. I am going to fucking laugh and laugh and laugh. And write even more feminist meta for [ profile] mmmcradle while I'm at it. Hopefully I finish it before I have to go cover an event for work.

I think I'm going to end up spending my entire Sunday at the library catching up on what's going on and everyone's reaction posts. This is going to be epic!

Surprisingly, in spite of all this wank going on, I have had my most productive week at work ever. I covered meetings, storm damage, in the process of writing Saturday's feature, plus a whole bunch of digest items too. I have a feeling I'm only going to get busier next week because we're down two reporters - one left and the other is on vacation. I only have 21 days left so I better squeeze all the experience I can get out of it!
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If any of my non-Twilight friends want to have a good laugh or boggle in disbelief, head on over to [ profile] mmmcradle where there's a shit ton of FAILspoilers for Breaking Dawn, reactions and awesome stick drawings of RENESMEE.

It's hilarious even if you're not involved in Twilight fandom.
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I looked at the Yahoo! Answers post last night and thought, "That can't possibly be true. That's too much fail for even SMeyer to come up with. That sounds like bad fanfic written by a hyperactive 14-year-old who's conveniently ignoring all previous bits of canon."


At least I'm getting it as a belated birthday present. Although I think I should call and warn my friends about the epic fail that's about to be delivered on their doorstep.

I'm going to read this book and fucking laugh while I read it. And then I'm going to change my journal layout.
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I changed my mind.

Almost shirtless Robert Pattinson has made my WEEK. )

Methinks I will be buying EW this Friday. For the articles, of course.

ETA: EW forgot Edward's sparkles. That makes it much better. :)
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I've only just realized this, but Michael Welch AKA Mini Jack O'Neill has a part in the Twilight movie as Mike Newton. That only means this movie is going to be even more awesome.

I really love this quote from an MTV article on him.

MTV: You've encountered some enthusiastic fanbases before, having worked on "Stargate SG-1," "Joan of Arcadia," "The X-Files" and "Star Trek: Insurrection." How do the Twilighters compare?

Welch: I actually think the Twilighters are very similar to "Stargate" fans, just a very fun group of people. They're very serious about these characters and about this story but still understand that it's a story, and you're supposed to have fun with it.

He's grown into quite the little hottie too. This movie is just going to be chock full of eye-candy!
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Title: Forever Seventeen
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None.
Characters/Pairing: Edward Cullen, with a tiny bit of Edward/Bella near the end
Summary: You're never going to die, and you're always going to be stuck in the purgatory that is puberty and high school. You're forever seventeen and everything changes but you.
Notes: This started out as the drabble I promised I'd write for

[personal profile] comanche_rider a few weeks back but then it completely dissolved into character study of Edward before he met Bella. Part of it was inspired by an interview wtih Robert Pattinson where he talked about being a teenager forever; sadly, I can't remember which one it is. Also, I didn't mean for it to end up being completely in second person but it did. Le sigh.


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This Twilight comic made me LOL

All the comics on that site are pretty good, actually. I especially like their very first one about the failed South Dakota abortion ban. I laughed like mad.

I'm currently trying to compile a list of the good Twilight fan fiction, if anyone's interested or would like to contribute. So far, out of the over 21,000 pieces on FFnet, I've found...under 20. My search would be greatly helped if FFnet would let us sort by characters too! I've seen much smaller sections with character lists! Where the hell is Twilight's?


*goes back to writing her weird Edward-centric fic*

Also, I'm totally considering writing a long crossover between Twilight and Meg Cabot's Mediator series. Anyone want to see this, y/n? I might just post an insanely detailed summary because there's probably no way I'd have time to write this with bigbang coming up.

It's here!

May. 5th, 2008 02:36 pm
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Twilight in HD

God damn it, why do good things happen during finals?
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Is it December yet? Please?


I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that it looks more much kick ass and developed than the books.


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