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Finally got around to finishing series one and two of Downton Abbey, and even though series two was nowhere neary as strong a series one, I love pretty much everything about it.

Except Anna/Bates. I pretty much tuned that drama out by the third episode. I really don't think the writers could think of anything else to come up with besides, LET'S MAKE BATES BE A MATYR AGAIN, OKAY, HE'S JUST THAT GOOD.

Everything else is awesome and perfect and I even liked Edith this series, whaaaat.

brb, getting all the Maggie Smith icons ever.
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So I bought the first two season of The Vampire Diaries this weekend during Black Friday.

And that's preeeeeeeetty much what I've been doing all weekend long when not otherwise occupied. About halfway through season two, so I should finish up by the end of the week and I'll probably go find them online to marathon even though I hate watching TV on my computer.

Anyway, Elena/Stefan can go die in a hole, seriously. I haven't been this annoyed with an 'OUR LOVE IS SO TRAGIC AND DOOMED" TV couple since Max/Liz from Roswell. We get it, none of the writers want you together but you just wuv each other so much, blegh. So yeah, less Elena/Stefan wangst and more Damon and all the other super awesome characters on the show plzkthx. I JUST LOVE DAMON AND ALL HIS EVIL, BLACK HEARTED KICKED PUPPY WAYS, OKAY. Team Damon Is Awesome Forever and Ever.
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I feel like I need to give every character in AMC's The Walking Dead a copy of Max Brooks's Zombie Survival Guide to they can stop being IDIOTS ABOUT EVERYTHING ZOMBIE RELATED. Honestly, how hard is it to find a silencer? You mean to tell me there were high powered sniper rifles and all sorts of handguns in the sheriff's gun locker, but not a silencer? Really?

But otherwise ...

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My roommate sat me down and forced me to watch Being Human today...

And after spending the last six hours marathoning series one, I can safely say I am in love. WITH EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

Now I need to find the new episode of Merlin even if I haven't watched a few episodes from series two yet
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Dear Doctor Who,

I will never look at statues the same way again. Definitely an improvement over last week's episode, in that I will be going to bed with the lights on tonight, kthx. And Amy/Eleven, why so effing cute?

Also, BBC American showed "The Eleventh Hour" today while I was home with the parents and I forced my parents to watch it. Every commercial break, they'd look at each other and then blame the other for passing on the genes that would cause me to want to watch BBC shows. Whatever, I know my dad was intrigued until he saw the special effects.

I need to get a Eleven/Amy icon...
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My love for last week's Doctor Who episode was not a fluke, apparently, because I loved "The Beast Below" just as much. Amy and Eleven are just fantastic, and their story is really interesting so far. Also, how could you not love this week's HBIC, LIZ 10. Oh damn, was she was fabulous or what.

I've tried watching DW in the past and while I've liked it, I've never enjoyed an episode enough to want to watch more of it. I don't know what it is about this new series, but something about it is just grabbing me the way the other series never did. Whatever it is, I hope they keep it up!
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Guess what I'm watching Saturdaaaaaaay...

This. will. be. hilarious. Without a doubt. Like Sharks in Venice and Mega Shark vs. Giant Squid epic levels of hilarity.

SyFy Saturdays is really the only reason I miss cable. They always provided me with a solid night of entertainment.
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Dear Internets,

After watching the new episode, I finally see the appeal of Doctor Who.

Also, Matt Smith is hot. Even with the bow tie.

The End.
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God dammit, Supernatural, I was content to merely be amused by you and enjoy your antics, but then - then you had to play "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult during 1x12 Faith and now I am fucking in love with you. God dammit.


Dear roommate,

Thank you so much for buying season one for me for Christmas. Mass marathoning new TV shows is the only way to go over winter break.

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Futurama to return in 2010 with 26 new episodes.


Damn, my only Fry .gif is at home and I still don't have an ecstatic icon yet...
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Anyone else on the f-list watching the BBC's Merlin? 'Cause I am really, really in love with this series. More specifically the fact that nearly everyone in that cast is begging to be 'shipped together one way or the other, and it's just so much fun.

I've still got three episodes to go - skipped the Mordred episode to watch 9-11 instead - and I can't wait for it to come to NBC in the summer. I think my favorite's either The Moment of Truth or Excalibur, and I pretty much love all the characters, even Uther. The Morgana/Arthur banter is nearly as awesome as the Merlin/Arthur banter and ... well, I just love everything so far. :)

Except the fact that it isn't out on Region One DVD yet. Curse you, DVD gods! *shakes fist*

My roommate and I have been watching the BBC's Robin Hood all weekend too (nice break before finals!) and it's equally as awesome. Too bad the series is so expensive on DVD as well. But that's what my Netflix account is for! XD
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I finished off the last season of Roswell yesterday. That show is officially my new love. Sure, the plot was a little weak at times and the writers had a lot of issues with continuity or forgetting about plotlines until the last minute, but the awesome of the characters made up for that so much.

By far, Michael's my favorite character. I always fall hard for the tough smartass hiding a vulnerable and soft interior because he's insecure and can't express his feelings. I love the way he interacts with the other characters - especially with Maria. Michael/Maria is such a deliciously dysfunctional relationship and it never fails to bring the angst. They're just so cute together and they clearly love each other beyond all reason. Independence Day and 285 South from season one are two of my favorite episodes with them. They're my new favorite 'ship. :)

On the other hand, the Max/Liz relationship is just so frustrating for completelty stupid reasons that by the end of the third season, I could care less what happened between them. I think The End of the World in season two was what really killed the Max/Liz mojo for me, especially since there was no real reason for Future Max to come back, considering the Tess plotline they laid out later in the season. I did like that they had a happy ending at the end of the series though.

Isabelle was one of the characters I wanted to see less of as the seasons wore on. She was always whining and she really didn't have any character growth from mid-season one to season three.

One of my favorite aspects of Roswell, especially in the first season, was the Max, Isabel, and Michael friendship. The Balance was an excellent episode for showcasing that relationship. The episodes about their backstory like Summer of '47 and Meet the Dupes are a few of my favorites. Once the friendship expanded to include everyone else in the series, it reminded me a lot of what I liked about the team dynamic in Stargate Atlantis.

The first season was definitely had the best direction and some of the best episodes of the entire series. I'd be rewatching the first season right now if my rooommate wasn't insisting that I get obsessed with Vernoica Mars too.

My life would be much easier without our gigantic movie and DVD collection to surf through on the weekends. I need to go do my laundry...
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Jim and Pam. were. so. cute! Finally! And it was perfect! Absolutely perfect! Way to make up for the cliffhanger last season, writers!
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Dear Heroes,


*dies happy*

Yeah, sure there were some iffy and WTF moments, but overall...Wow. Way to keep bringing on the shock factor.

Thank you for restoring my faith in television once again.

And just when I thought I wouldn't need to upload my Peter Petrelli icon...


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