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Title: From Where You Are
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Percy/Annabeth
Spoilers: For Son of Neptune.
Summary: Percy deals with the unexpected aftermath of the Argos II's landing.
Notes: This the alternative ending to All Roads Lead to Rome aka what will actually happen in Mark of Athena because RSquared is a troll and he is going to milk this as hard as possible. Me, bitter, what? Title comes from the Lifehouse song From Where You Are which I'm astounded has not ended up on a pre/post-SoN fanmix that I've seen.

Daughter of wisdom walks alone )

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I'm finished. It's now time for free-for-all discussion, gif spamming and capslock.

Spoilers for the entire book lurk below )
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A selection of Chapter 28 of the Son of Neptune at a pre-release party on Saturday. The transcript can be found here on MortalNet's forums.

There are also minor spoilers floating around on tumblr and the Camp Half-Blood wiki, so beware! Unless you're weak willed at the last minute like me, then it's all fun and games.

I'll be turning comment notification off on this post sometime tonight. If you have the book already, please wait until tomorrow to post comments with spoilers and if you are posting spoilers, please warn as much as possible.

eta: If you have a Kindle, copies of SoN are downloading early. Of course, I have a fucking Nook.
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Wow, is it really almost October already? I can't believe time flies by that fast!

Oh, who am I kidding, waiting for this book to come out has been totally and completely painful. And we've still got one more week to go!

I've decided to compile a list of things we do know that's going to happen in the Son of Neptune, plus links to the new character profiles if you haven't seen them already, and then my BIG LONG WISH LIST of things that I want to happen in this book and/or questions I want answered.

This probably won't be the last post on SoN I'll have before the book comes out. Riordan will probably drop another, "Nico isn't going to be in this book, haha suckers!" bomb three days before it's released like he did last year, thus ensuring my eternal wrath and his place among the most trolly of authors ever. But if you feel the urge the make last-minute gif spams, drop some new news tidbits, or share your own theories, definitely make use of this post!

i. What we know so far )

ii. The characters )

iii. Theories/Speculation/What I Want Answered, Dammit )

Since I'm a Grown Up now and have a job, I probably won't get to read SoN as fast or immediately as some other people. I'll probably have a discussion post going up at some other point as Oct. 4 draws closer and if you're going to comment or squee on that, please be respectful about spoilers. I had several people last year commenting with spoilers after I specifically asked for people not to, and it was totally annoying.

But until then, have fun and speculate away!
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Thanks to [ profile] cedarleaf_7 for tipping me off about this: sneak peek of Chapter Two of the Son of Neptune. And if you haven't seen the book trailer (lol), there's pictures of new demigods and tinier nuggets of info! But onto the good stuff.

Slight spoilers be this way~ )

ETA: [ profile] tatooine has been kind enough to transcribe the audio!
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Earlier this evening, Rick Riordan was at an event in New York for BEA 2011 where both the cover art for and an excerpt of the Son of Neptune were released.

The excerpt was read out loud and I wasn't smart enough to grab a screen grab of the cover art (although I'm sure it'll be online by the end of the week), so here's a recap of what was said!


RSquared said he'll be posting more on his blog tomorrow, so hopefully he'll release the excerpt plus the cover art. I CAN ONLY HOPE.

An excerpt from the Son of Neptune is now online! It's different from what was read at the event, but still. PERCY.
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I'm finished now, so you can hit me all with your squee or RAEG or tears of despair, whatever. As always, spoilers under the cut.

More like the future mugs me from time to time )
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Okay, so I finally got my hands on the thing and I'm nowhere near finished at this point (I'm on page 211), but I had Some Thoughts about everything that's happened so far that I wanted to share. Again, if you've finished, please be mindful of spoilers and all that.

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I know we've got less than a day left, but the UK Percy Jackson website has some better character profiles up for Jason, Leo and Piper with a crap ton of information about them. Well, compared to the other sites anyway.

Spoilers include: who Piper's mom is, a fun fact about Jason, and just more OMG AWESOME from Leo.

eta: I'm probably not going to have time to read The Lost Hero until like Thursday, so if you finish before me PLEASE BE NICE and don't leave any spoiler-riffic comments on my journal. I will reach through the Internet and kick your ass if you do.

If you have the burning need to discuss the book, please head over to [ profile] halfbloodhill where a discussion post has already been made. Thanks!
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Some less rageworthy/more squeeworthy details have been leaked about The Lost Hero. [ profile] heyjessiex found this RR interview with Puffin Books where he gives some awesome character details and confirms some theories about Greek v. Roman. Beware if you click the link - there's a spoiler-tastic question re: Percy.

The less spoilery interview details under the cut )

Also, [ profile] chibimarchy found an early copy of TLH yesterday. I am green with envy. Green.

eta: It should go without saying that there are spoilers in the comments.
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p.s. this post is officially an excuse to bring in gifs and CAPSLOCKS
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Books 1-45 under the cut )
46. Sea Change by Aimee Friedman
47. Front Row at the White House: My Life and Times by Helen Thomas
48. Dead Girls Dance (Morganville Vampires #2) by Rachel Caine
49. Midnight Alley (Morganville Vampires #3) by Rachel Caine
50. Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer

Thoughts on Books )

Currently reading: Still trying to make my way through Sunshine, but it's getting really hard not to throw this book across the room. It goes through patches where it's super interesting (when Sunshine is hanging out with the vampire, for instance) and then it just gets really fucking dull like whenever the Other law enforcement officials or whatever get involved because then it leads to copious amounts of narrator infodumping. I've got like 100 pages left so I refuse to quit, but I am definitely never picking up another Robin McKinley book again.

I've also started the fourth Morganville Vampires book, but I'm keeping it as my reward when I finally finish Sunshine. If Claire's parents interrupt Claire and Shane's make-out time, I will not be a pleased shipper.

Up next: All the books I mentioned last time. I'll probably start I Am The Messenger once I finish Morganville.

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You guys. You have to see Inception sometime this summer. Like now would be good.

It's one of those movies you talk about for like a hour afterward and you still can't get over how good it was. The acting's awesome, the special effects are sweet, and it's just great. It's also a total mind fuck, but in the absolutely best way possible.

Plus, Joseph Gordan-Levitt is fucking hot in those suits. Also, Leo DiCaprio. Enough said there.

brb, finding the the movie score. Hans Zimmer, you fucking genius...

eta: Beware of spoilers in the comments.
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Now that I've had time to (mostly) stop squeeing about the preview chapter from The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero, I have started theorizing and I'd rather do it in a new post than in my comments sections!

So, here we go with my theories/discussion/speculation. Everything's under the cut to avoid spoilers. Unless you saw some of the squee in the other post, that is.

All right, cupcakes, listen up! )

And, um, that's all I could think of right now. I'll probably have more ~thoughts~ later.

What do you think?
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Because I am not doing a very good job of resisting anything of the spoilery nature today. 


God dammit, I want my computer's sound fixed and I want it fixed now!

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In case you haven't heard the news, iTunes had "Doppelganger" up for sale this weekend instead of "Adrift" because the production numbers were screwed up. Which one, made me extremely mad that my computer didn't have sound and that I don't buy things from iTunes anyway, and two, made me really anxious to see what people were thinking about the episode and went over to the GateWorld forum to spoil myself. 

Probably shouldn't have done it, but it's the episode I've been looking forward to most this season and I just couldn't resist.


Is there a 12-step program for this kind of addiction?

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 There's a new interview with Rachel Luttrell up at Gateworld today. It can be found here

ETA: Rachel's full interview with UnderGroundOnline can be found here.

ETA 2: Another Rachel interview, pretty much the same as the other two, but from a different source here. I really should be doing some homework now or something.



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