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Finished the new Kane Chronicles book on Wednesday, but I wanted to let it digest for a few days - plus, you know, I had finals to finish up.

Anyway, for those of you who read the first book in the series, The Red Pyramid, and weren't that impressed, you will be by the The Throne Fire. It was a definite improvement on the first book and I really enjoyed it.

Spoilers under the cut )

Anyone else have some thoughts to share?
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Got back from seeing Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I wasn't terribly impressed. I mean, the movie wasn't terrible or anything, but it just... lacked the magic of the first two? I don't know. It just didn't capture me the way The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe did or make me want to immediately go re-watch it like Prince Caspian did.

Long, spoilerish thoughts under the cut )

Also, can I mention how much I absolutely loathe 3D movies? STOP MAKING MOVIES IN 3D IF THEY DON'T NEED TO BE. Narnia in 3D is absolutely fucking pointless just like Tangled was.
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I'm finished now, so you can hit me all with your squee or RAEG or tears of despair, whatever. As always, spoilers under the cut.

More like the future mugs me from time to time )
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Okay, so I finally got my hands on the thing and I'm nowhere near finished at this point (I'm on page 211), but I had Some Thoughts about everything that's happened so far that I wanted to share. Again, if you've finished, please be mindful of spoilers and all that.

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I finished Mockingjay yesterday afternoon, but I was roadtripping with some friends to Lincoln so you can only imagine how much of an anti-social grump I was to hang out with after that. All I wanted to do for the rest of the day was shake someone and scream, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT I JUST READ. I AM IN EMOTIONAL TURMOIL RIGHT NOW, HUG MEEEEE." Or, you know, just get online and capslock all over the place. Whatever's more socially acceptable.

There will be spoilers of the most spoilery kind under this cut. I have been holding it in for a day and I'm going to burst if I don't get these thoughts out somewhere. So if you don't want to know who survived, how the love triangle ended up, or basically anything about the book in general, don't click under the cut. Because I'm spoiling something big off the bat. Last warning!

'Real. Because that's what you and I do. Protect each other.' )

In addition to being finished with Mockingjay, I am now the proud owner of a THG T-shirt. So be jealous.
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Saw The Lightning Thief tonight with [ profile] mysticfushia, [ profile] da_widget, and a couple of other friends. We were probably the oldest non-parents in the theatre, which was awkward for like .5 seconds.

It'll probably come as no surprise, but I loved this ridiculous movie. Yeah, the plot was nothing like the book and there was some other issues with it, but overall? It captured the feeling and the spirit of the books and characters, and I think at the end of the day that's what matters more than the fact that they changed the quest around, added/removed characters, or left out some minor details. Deeper, spoiler filled thoughts to follow under the cut.

They are working class Americans, Annabeth! )
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The writers of Merlin just love the freaking reset button, don't they? But that being said, this is probably my favorite episode of Merlin season two so far. Excellent acting, great story, a good guest star, etc., but the ending was so damn frustrating! Why, writers, whyyyy?

Spoilers and all that under the cut )
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Finally caught up with the recent episodes of Merlin I missed. WHYYY did I wait so long for the awesome?!

Incoherent babbling on 'The Nightmare Begins' )

Still watching Lancelot and Guinevere, but comment right off the bat: ARTHUR SAD PUPPY DOG FACE, AWWWW.

I need a Morgana icon...
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Okay, so I did tune into Stargate Universe last night and it wasn't half-bad. I don't know if I'm interested enough to make it my new MUST-SEE Friday night show, but I'll probably watch it anyway. Mostly for Eli and Stone Scott.

Spoilers and stuff under the cut )

And apparently being feverish makes me hear the wrong names of characters while watching. Who knew?
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Seriously, this show just makes me ship everyone five different ways to Sunday. STOP BEING SO AWESOME, MERLIN CAST.

There be spoilers under this cut )

*going to go find fic now*
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All right, so I know the f-list has probably been waiting for me to post this...





In which I continue to flail and capslock like the fangirl I am )

Why don't I have a Transformers tag? Ugh.
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Finally saw Star Trek. FUCKING LOVED IT. I WAS GRINNING LIKE A LOON THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE. Need an icon of Chris Pine and/or the entire cast soon.

Also saw Angels & Demons today. Decent, but forgettable I think. Like the cinematography and excellent acting on all sides. Can never go wrong with an Ewan McGregor movie. Also had way too many flashbacks to my Catholic school days while watching.

Going to bed now...
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My pre-ordered birthday present of Breaking Dawn never came in the mail so I actually had to go out and buy it on Friday because I'd waited long enough. I finished it on Saturday, not from lack of trying but because I really didn't want to suffer through Bella's POV as a super sparkly vampire until the morning hours.

Overall, I didn't like the book. The thing about Stephenie Meyer is that she can never not let her characters have a non-happy ending. That's what pissed me off when I read The Host - she had the perfect ending for Wanderer right there and then she had to go tack on another twenty pages of because OMG IT WASN'T A SHINY HAPPY ENDING YET. Someone needs to let SMeyer know that there is a happy medium between the fairy tale ending and Greek tragedy ending, and that she should find it - fast. I would've liked Breaking Dawn a lot better if everything hadn't come wrapped up in a nice, shiny bow.

Also, I freak the fuck out over seeing normal women giving birth on TV. The birth scene in Breaking Dawn really didn't do me any favors in the "I maybe wanna reproduce someday!" department. I think my legs are going to be firmly crossed for the next decade or so, thanks to SMeyer and her spine breaking demon spawn.

Anyway, we'll cut to the short list of things I did like about the book.

Things I Liked About Breaking Dawn )
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Dear TPTB,

Why are you making me love you so hard right now?

Alternate universes FTW! )

Apparently my copy of Breaking Dawn isn't getting shipped until Monday. Woe is me. :(
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Is it just me or does this season feel really ... different from the last couple? I don't know if it's the way they're shooting the episodes now or what, but S5 just feels a lot different. And I like it.

So we get our Ronon episode for the season... )

I can't wait for Daedulus Variations next week. I freakin' love alternate universes.
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So I had to be like one of the only people on the Internets who didn't watch this episode when it was leaked but I spoiled myself silly for it anyway because I just can't resist.

This episode reminded me why I like SGA )
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I can't even properly squee about the Jim/Pam awesome of this episode with everything else going on!


"Iron Man"

May. 2nd, 2008 11:57 am
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Went to go see Iron Man last night for the last school sponsored midnight movie of the semester. Alas, no more drunk audiences until next fall for me.

To sum it up in one phrase: completely fucking awesome.

Iron Man was probably the first movie I've really enjoyed all year and probably the best super hero/comic book themed movie I've seen since X-Men 2 or Spiderman 3. Still haven't watched Batman Begins so that doesn't count.

It's funny, smart, and not exactly action heavy. I liked how most of the focus of the movie was about Tony Stark developing the technology for the suit and that the battle sequences didn't make up much of the movie. As much as I love action movies, sometimes the overwhelming amount gets annoying during rewatches.

Also, Robert Downey Jr.? Completely perfect in this role. He was just so good in this movie. And kinda hot too. :D

Although the best part of the movie had to be the NEW INDIANA JONES TRAILER that they showed with it. I was squeeing like the best little fan girl when that showed up.

Anyway, gotta go get ready for my last day of class before Finals Week. Ciao!
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The Office has redeemed itself for the horror that was Dinner Party. Still nowhere near as good as earlier seasons, but they're getting close. My show has returned at last!


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