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What the fuck, livejournal.

Who thought this new comment layout was a good idea? Why do you have to fix things that ARE NOT BROKEN?
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p.s. this post is officially an excuse to bring in gifs and CAPSLOCKS
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Dear Percy Jackson fandom,

Look. I know we're not in good shape right now. 99.9999% of the content in the section on FFnet is total shit, and the LJ community is just starting to get going. Things might get better when the movie comes out, but I might have strangled you all by then for being the pickiest fucks on the Internet. And I would know, being a picky fuck myself.

Don't get me wrong. I love most of you because you actually give good concrit and nice, long reviews - some of the best reviews I've ever had, in fact. It's just the small fraction of you who hang out on the flamers forum and are never satisfied with anything I - or any of the other authors besides the ones you're BFFs with - produce that I have a bone to pick with.

When your only criticisms of my fic is, "the prologue is too short and you don't need a disclaimer," I know you are trying too damn hard because for one, THERE IS NO INDUSTRY STANDARD LENGTH FOR A PROLOGUE. They can be anywhere from a page to 10 pages; mine was probably around 400 words and it accomplished what I need it to, therefore, it was just long enough for me. And for two, I've been writing fan fic since before some of you were old enough to have access to the Internet, so I know what the fuck I'm doing when it comes to posting a disclaimer on my fic. YOU ALWAYS NEED TO HAVE A DISCLAIMER NO MATTER WHAT WEB SITE YOU'RE ON.

It's people like you who make me hate this fandom. It's people like you who made me not want to join the fandom in the first place because I saw the way you tore apart other authors for absolutely stupid things, and continue to do so just because you have nothing better to do and can't write anything beyond shit OC and parody fics yourselves.

No love,

Note: This is not directed toward any of the PJO fans on LJ. I like you guys. :)

Also, please feel free to smack me if that came off as entitled at all. I've been very grumpy all weekend, and a couple of reviews finally set me off this afternoon.
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Colorado Gazette Intern Plagiarizes from New York Times.

I saw this on one of my professor's Facebook pages, and even though it's a little old, I decided to post and comment on it since I'm currently a newspaper intern...that actually applied and was rejected for this internship, actually.

Let's just preface with the fact that I don't understand plagiarizers -- at all. Maybe it's because I like to write and writing comes easy to me, or maybe it's because I am writer, I realize how hard some people slave over picking the right words and phrases. I can understand the envy that comes reading something somene else wrote and wishing you had written it, but that's why the English Gods invented these awesome thing called citations and footnotes and works cited pages, so you could use someone else's words in research papers without being a complete douche about it.

And let's just add on that I don't understand so-called journalists who plagiarize even more. I don't know about other journalism schools, but at USD it is pounded into your head that maintaining your credibility and intergrity as a journalist is the most important job you have after reporting the news, because once your credibility goes, so does the readers' trust in you and your organization. Without your credibility, you are f-u-c-k-e-d as a journalist. So you don't make up quotes, facts, or people. You double and triple check your facts before it goes to print. You apologize when you make a mistake, and print a correction. You don't write a story with an agenda in mind from the get go or trying to prove a political point. And you don't fucking plagiarize. Because someone always catches you.

I don't know what this chick was thinking. I don't know what was more idiotic of her - plagarizing from the New York Fuckin' Times or plagarizing in a profession that's made up of the world's biggest snoops. Seriously, plagarizing in a newsroom has to be the worst idea ever -- because, hey, it's not like journalists read things other journalists write or know how to use Google or won't hesistate to kick your ass out and never give you a job again once they find out that you have no intergrity whatsoever.

What a fucking idiot.

Also, the newspaper intern within would like to send a big FUCK YOU her way for making the rest of look like incompetent college students.

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Okay, being a female Transformers fan, this sort of generalization kinda pisses me off:

While Bay's movies are best known for their over-the-top action sequences, he is developing a strong following from families, and his growing female audience suggests that for all of the film's leering close-ups of "Transformers" costar Megan Fox's anatomy, ticket buyers enjoy the "Transformers" love story, too. Source.


As much as I like the Sam/Mikaela story, that's not my favorite part of the movie nor the most enjoyable aspect of it by far. In fact, I could do without it completely. I know this is nothing new, but I hate, hate, hate the assumption I'm a ~girl~ I must be into epic movies for whatever slight romance the director decides to throw in. NOT SO.

Like any other 20-year-old, geeky fan boy, I went to watch the giant robot death matches, cool CGI, and Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots being generally awesome. Is it so hard for some people (read: entertainment writers, Hollywood exes, and others) to just admit that yes, girls like to watch things go explodey too and aren't at all concerned about a romantic storyline?

Now if that romantic storyline had been Sam/Bumblebee, I would've been all over it.
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I really just want to write some Larrin centric fic to spite some of the fanbrats on GateWorld but I can't bring myself to do it!

I want to write something for because I think she could be a great character if the PTB used her for more than just the token "sexy alien"...which they can't even do for Teyla, so I'm not holding high hopes if she returns next season. And because the character hate for her is astounding. and unnecessary. 

I want to write John/Larrin fic because she's one of the only Not!Teyla girls John's hooked up with that I actually liked and the pr0n I have in my brain for them demands to be written! I want to write a fic about her after her encounter with John in Travelers and what changes their alliance will bring to her people. I'd like to write a Teyla and Larrin friendship fic because we have two kick ass alien leaders and all anyone wants to do is have them fight each other and get in a bitch fight over John or something when it'd be in their best interests to work together and kick everyone else's asses, dammit. Also, in my own little world, Larrin's almost ten years younger than Teyla and totally looks up to her like she's an older sister, and is always dragging her into crazy scenarios like going undercover in this outfit after Larrin's team gets captured or signing them up for a double team boxing-like competition off-world where they get bloody and sweaty and Teh Boyz are liek, "OMG, girl fight ftw!" And then to round it off, there'd be John/Teyla/Larrin pr0n. Because threesomes rock.

I've had these ideas for weeks but I just can't get them out! GAH.

Also, I want to write a version of this fic by [profile] ruby_caspar. Specifically, I want to write the smut that she left out because seriously? John-in-Teyla's-body and Teyla-in-John's-body sex would be pretty hot. Weird, but hot. But I can't get any of that out of me either!
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After everything melted over the weekend, it decided to snow today. Just what I need, to go tromping around in a blizzard and then kill myself trying to walk on ice for the tenth time this month. Can it be summer yet?

*shakes fist at weather system*

Also, I'm still pissed as hell that The Golden Compass beat out Transformers for best visual effects at the Academy Awards. They pick polar bears that lop each other's jaws off over cool cars that turn into giant fucking robots and beat the shit out of each other? I saw both movies - Golden Compass did not in anyway impress me as much as Transformers in the special effects department. I know it would be absolutely painful to give an award to a Michael Bay movie, but come on! It's Optimus Prime, for Pete's sake!

*shakes fist at Academy*

I need an "Optimus Prime does not approve" icon and/or marco...


Feb. 19th, 2008 02:14 pm
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So I stayed up last night until 3 a.m, woke up at 8:30 a.m, got embroiled in some srs bznss going down at 

[community profile] sga_noticeboard, skipped two classes today, and didn't eat lunch all to procrastinate on a four-page paper about the history of humans rights in relation to the Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, etc. (snooze fest) which ended up being a crappy three page paper full of nonsense that I was going to turn in anyway only to discover an email in my school inbox telling me that my class for which the paper is due has been cancelled for the day.

*inarticulate scream of rage*


At least this means I have two more days to make the piece of crap paper wothy of an A now. 

Oh, internetz. Why can't I just quit you?


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If I see one more fucking Tranformers fic where the location of the final battle is Los Angeles, I am going to bust some skulls!

The final battle takes place in Las Vegas. Say it with me now: L-A-S  V-E-G-A-S. So says the book-based-on-screenplay, Wikipedia, and common logic.

Now, I know not everyone reads books based on the movies and that not everyone actually researches stuff for their fan fics and quite a lot of people don't use common sense in fandom, but seriously. Someone needs to throw a map of the Western United States at the movieverse Transformers fandom. 

The Hoover Dam is in Nevada. Los Angeles is in California. The two are four and a half hours apart. There is no logical way that a military convoy plus the Autobots can make it to Los Freakin' Angeles with the Decepticons right on their asses and gaining, especially when they catch up and blow things each other up on the interstate. Just because the battle was filmed in areas of Los Angeles doesn't mean it actually took place there. 


Geography is my personal pet peeve, mostly because whenever I tell someone I'm from South Dakota, he or she are like, "Oh, so you're right by North Carolina then?" or "Where?" or "You're not the state with the president head's on a mountain, are you?" or, when he or she figures out the location of the state, they ask, "Oh, so do you still ride around in covered wagons and live in teepees and fight the Indians?"


Transformers has crawled into my brain and eatten it and I don't know why! *headwall*

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I did my civic duty today and got some brats trying to record Transformers on their cell phones kicked out of the theatre half-way through the movie. 

I noticed that the kid had his cell phone out during the previews and thought he was text messaging, so I left it alone, grumbling under my breath about the nerve I some people. I noticed that he was pointing it at the screen a little bit and the previews were showing up on his phone, so I pointed it out to one of my friends. Someone a few seats behind me got up and told the little bastard to put his phone away (he was holding it up rather high, actually) because it was distracting. He put it away and I did notice anything again until one of the earlier action sequences where he had pulled it out again and was actually recording the movie. 

Once again, I pointed this out ot my friend, who suggested we go get the mangement. I went because I had already seen the movie and a few scenes later, when he had his phone out again, he and his friends got busted and were taken out of the movie theatre. Apparently, he had taken a few pictures and a couple of videos, but no charges were pressed because it wasn't anything incredibly signifigant. 

The main manager of the cinema was disappointed about that because a federal charge would've gotten him a raise. 

Whatever. I'm just glad the little bastard was thrown out because I hate, more than anything, people who can't turn their freakin' cell phones off in the theatre and have to do shit like that to ruin everyone else's movie experience. 

Anyway, Transformers was just as good the second time around (I haven't go to a movie two times in theatres for a long time!) and now I must rush off to work!


Jun. 8th, 2007 01:01 pm
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Damn you, Disney! Damn you for making me actually care about Pirates of the Caribbean again!

Oh why, oh why did they have to go and redeem themselves with At World's End? Now I'm all piratey again and wanting to watch PotC all day instead of going to work and wanting to write Will/Elizabeth fics and finish my epic adventure quest fic that completely disregards what happened in the last two movies because I started writing it before they came out...

I don't need another fandom, Jerry Bruckheimer! DAMN YOU.

I was so unprepared  that I didn't even snag an Pirates icon! God damn it. 

Although I'm pretty sure Geoffery Rush is the only reason this movie was so much more awesome than Dead Man's Chest, because the plot...heh. Yeah, nice one guys. Could you try and be even more convoluted and confusing next time, plzthx? Because after about the 50th betrayal sequence I was about ready to bash my head into the seat in front of me. 

Geoffery Rush = LOVE.


May. 19th, 2007 12:16 pm
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Good God, why did I never watch this show before?! Probably because I was working, but it's still sooo good. Good thing SciFi likes to play marathons! I am in love with Peter Petrelli and Claire and Hiro and pretty much the entire cast. 


In other news, I registered for classes at the university yesterday. My earliest class is at nine and I don't have any classes after five, so I'm happy. I got to hang out with my roommate for a bit and we went shopping. Well, it was mostly me shopping anyway. 

I found the most amazing book at Barnes & Noble yesterday, the Character Naming Sourcebook. It's a book full of names divided up by gender, meaning, and origin - it's pretty much the most awesome thing in existence. And it was way less embarassing to buy than a baby names book.

I should be writing on the last of my senior pictures or doing the last of my homework before work. Oh well...


Peter! *loves*



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John has a sunburn across his nose that's giving him freckles and Rodney's just unintentionally insulted Teyla by insisting all children are brats and should be put down before they steal his chocolate. Elizabeth and Teyla are discussing girl things over hot fudge brownies and ice creams while Rodney's radioing John in the shower at five in the morning and demanding to know the anti-derivative of some equation so he can keep John's mind sharp in time for a Wraith attack.

Teyla and John are under the influence of the Wraith Queen from Submersion and are having hawt sex dreams about each other; they're also practicing their "discouraging" techniques in the closet outside John's quarters and I'm pretty sure Rodney and Cadman are making out on some abandoned lab table. Elizabeth is trying to learn how to knit but Rodney keeps making fun of her, Sam Carter's discovering five different things about Rodney she never knew, and Ronon...isn't doing much, actually. Don't even ask about Daniel and Vala because I don't know.

In the alternate universe spectrum, Sir John is chasing Meredith the Minstrel around the woods with a sword while Mage Dex shakes his head in complete exasperation while Lady Teyla waits for one of them to climb to the tallest room in the tallest tower and kiss her already, god damn it. Teyla is having a Mulan-type moment, going off to fight in the Lantean army against the invading Wraith disguised as a man and falling in lust with her senior commander who has met her as a girl and has no interest in her in either genders what-so-ever. John is also on board the R.M.S. Titanic and is very interested in the little French Opera talent staying in the stateroom across the way, but her mountain of an escort is creeping him out and the Canadian science professor keeps trying to talk to him about aeroplanes when he tries to flirt with her. Also, John is having a miserable time at prom and Michael Kenmore from W.R. Aith's Academy has suggested that he and Teyla get a hotel room. Stay tuned to find out if she tells him where she can shove his keys or takes him up on his offer...

I hate my brain.

Especially when I was up for nearly twenty-four hours on Saturday-Sunday and am completely sore from my heels and the dancing I did at my senior prom. And when my mom wants me to address graduation invitations and these stupid ideas are running around instead!

No laughing,

[personal profile] tielan !



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God, SciFi needs to seriously fire the morons who made the advertisements for the second half premire of SGA. 

They spelled Ronon R-O-N-I-N. And I've heard rumors that that Sheppard's name has been S-H-E-P-H-E-R-D, but I've yet to see the advert. to completely verify. 


Someone needs to lose a job. Or a head. 

How do you misspell TWO main characters names? TWO? And on promotional advertisements seen nation wide? 

SciFi S-U-C-K-S

And so does the dragon on SG-1's The Quest. Good Lord.
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Seriously. Why is being such a bitch lately? 

I go to the page to see if anything's been updated and the top five stories are from four days ago. WTF? I know the SGA fandom isn't that slow. Then I went to see if one of my favorite stories had been updated and within the last twenty hours or so, it went from having 35 chapters to 32. 

Is it just me that's experiencing this or am I just going crazy from the lack of sleep?

What is going on, FFNet? Why do you hate me when I show you nothing but love? How am I supposed to feed my fan fic addiction if you can't supply me with update-to-date pages?


*kicks FFnet*

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I really hate fic. Hate, hate, hate.

Why do I always get the insane inspiration for epic fics I'm never going to finish/public when I have five other fics I really want to finish on my computer?

Stupid, stupid, stupid crackfic! 

Well. At least it gets me writing. I need the practice. Plus, I'm still a bit burned out from AP Novels - twelve papers in nine weeks! *dies all over again* 

At least all we do in AP Poetry is get into a big group and discuss the meaning the of the poems. If only I didn't feel quite like a traveler on the Oregon Trail when Mr. Beard calls out, "Circle UP!" everyday. No one appreciates my sarcastic comments about creating a circle to protect our women and children from the Native Americans.


Off to write Teyla/John crackfic that will never see the light of day.

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Couldn't they have picked a picture where I look less SICK? I mean, I know that's hard to accomplish considering I am NOT photogenic at all and I was wearing my sweats today, but really. I look gross. ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE LOCAL NEWSPAPER! 

I am going to be made fun of hardcore tomorrow at school. 

This will be even worse than last week when everyone saw me do my sick 50 Cent dance in the car on the six o'clock news. 


Evil journalism bastards.

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I suck at life. My AP Lit paper is due in an hour and I'd rather be surfing LJ and FFnet than writing it. I'd actually prefer to be writing fic instead of it, but I put the paper off all weekend and all day, so I must suffer the consequences. 

Why do I procrastinate so much on everything but fan fic? Why do I not have my priorities in line? Why, why, WHY?

Because my ego constantly tells me that - since I am a such a 'great' and 'talented' writer - that I don't have work hard and prepare like the rest of my classmates to get an 'A'! It would help me A LOT more if I DIDN'T do my best schoolwork under undue stress and pressure, and if my teachers would stop giving me As to teach me my lesson!


Damn it all.

At least I will not be forced to write an entire new debate case this week on top of everything else on my to-do list.


Now, to the AP Lit folder! Away!

...and then maybe I can get back to writing that steamy John/Teyla fic before I pass out from sleep and caffine deprivation. Damn Lent.



Jul. 8th, 2006 12:46 pm
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I've discovered why I'm such a bad updater.

It's not because I get writer's block or because I'm too busy or because I don't have access to a computer all the time. 

It's because I have the attention span of a gerbil and I get distracted too easily. 

Take right now, for instance. I could be finishing up Part Two of The Incident in the Library or getting some work done on Chapter 21 of Nothing on Earth. Instead, I'm writing on livejournal about how I get distracted too easily and I'm surfing FFnet for Danny Phantom fan fics to read. I could've had Part Two finished last week if I really tried hard - instead I stayed up until two in the morning nearly every night, surfing YouTube for episodes of old television shows I liked or - once again - reading fan fiction. 

I get distracted far too easily. And then, when I get distracted, I lose my motivation and nothing happens. I'm wasting my time when I could be doing something important or improving my writing. 

I could've had three chapters of Nothing on Earth done this summer - I'm not that terrifically busy that I can't find time to write a page each day. But, once again, it all comes back to me being distracted so very easily.

I need to get motivated - I want to have Nothing on Earth finished by the time I graduate so I can work on the sequel, but that won't happen if I'm reading DP fan fic until 5:30 in the morning every night. 

And to do that, I think I need to give my dad his laptop back. Having that in my room is too much temptation at once. I have a computer in my room, but it's from the Stone Age (i.e, 1998, I think) and the only internet it has is dial-up, so I can't go on for too long without wanting to kill myself from the wait. My computer also doesn't have Solitaire on it. That game has become the bane of my existance. I play it every day for about an hour and it's not even fun any more - it's an addiction. 

For the sake of my fan fic, I must part with this beloved laptop. I never liked typing fan fic up on it anyway - the keyboard doesn't click the way I like it.

So now I've got one distraction out of the way. Now I need to find out some way to get rid of my DP obsession before it's too late and I end up with twenty some pages of useless scenes for a fan fiction, just like I did with PotC. 

Good thing I didn't get the urge to start writing PotC fan fic again after I saw the movie. It pretty much crushed all my fan girly dreams anyway.

***another side note about getting distracted: I left in the middle of typing this and didn't return until about twenty minutes later. I was only supposed to be gone for like a minute - my mother and my sister were fighting about the artist of a song on the radio and I had to tell them who it was. Then, I got hungry and ate, and then I played around with my new phone before I remember I had left the laptop on and I needed to finish my entry.



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