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Beware of fic spam on my journal some time this week. I've got a couple fics I need to repost over here, and a couple that I'm hoping to finish sometime soon... if my ridiculous work schedule this week permits me to, anyway.

Also, while I have your attention, [ profile] halfamoon, a community that promotes female centric fic/art/meta/whatever in fandom, is going on throughout the first part of February. Check it out and submit some content!
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I'm sorry I'm being shit at responding to comments/being alive/coordinating fandom related things this month. With working two jobs and roller derby essentially becoming a third job, a lot of fandom related stuff keeps slipping my mind and most of the time when I get home, I just want to veg out and relax with an ice pack on some part of my body.

I swear I am reading your entries and fics and comments, even if I don't respond back for a while and I really do appreciate everyone who comments. I'm trying to be better organized and more prompt about responding and keeping on top of deadlines, so hopefully you'll see some improvement soon.
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Things I should be writing instead of refreshing [ profile] cabinthree every five seconds to watch the Logan Lerman stans explode

-my [ profile] help_haiti fic (which, by the way, does anyone know the posting protocol with that? like do we have to put up a post on the main comm with the finished results?)
-Death's Dare
-The Demigod Snatchers
-the Amy/Ian pr0n [ profile] lovex33 has been harassing me to write since, like, November
-something for the [ profile] pjo_kinkmeme because writing pr0n is always productive

ETA: So for like the last two months, some of my RL friends have been trying to find my pen name since I let it drop that I write fanfic. Tonight, I received a text pic of my FFnet profile username. Bravo, guys, you found me. And since I know you'll make it over here eventually: WELCOME TO FANDOM. ENJOY THE CRAZY.

Home again

Jan. 13th, 2010 04:32 am
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Back from Belize where I had an absolutely fantastic time. I'll have lots more details and pretty photos to post sometime this week. But right now, I need to go to bed!
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I'll be in Belize with little, if any, Internet or computer access until January 12, so I'll see you all later! Try not to have too much fun while I'm gone.

Hopefully the waether will be loads nicer there than it is here right now. I think I'll enjoy not seeing snow for nine days.
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Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope you all have a wonderful day with your family and aren't busy getting snowed in like mine is. Enjoy the Christmas cookies and all your presents!
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I've discovered that I can get a spotty Internet connection from the neighbor's house while I'm upstairs! It only lasts about 15 minutes and I have to stay in the exact same position otherwise it blinks out, but it's enough to check my email and the flist, among other things.

I was short my Friday 5,000 goal by 250 words but I'm currently at 6,500. I'm not happy with the first and second chapters, and I keep going back to retool and edit certain section. The character voices are getting better, which is a good sign. I'm going to work on it a bit more later tonight - hopefully racking my count up to 7,000 so I can start working on my John and Teyla Ficathon entry midweek.

I'm going to see my family for the first time in three weeks this weekend. They're going up to the Black Hills and I got Friday and Monday off work so I can come too. I've been begging my mother to let us drive through the Badlands since we've never done it in all our trips to the Hills and she's very against the idea. She's thinks we'll break down and never be heard from again.

I'll convince her eventually. :)


Feb. 19th, 2008 02:14 pm
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So I stayed up last night until 3 a.m, woke up at 8:30 a.m, got embroiled in some srs bznss going down at 

[community profile] sga_noticeboard, skipped two classes today, and didn't eat lunch all to procrastinate on a four-page paper about the history of humans rights in relation to the Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, etc. (snooze fest) which ended up being a crappy three page paper full of nonsense that I was going to turn in anyway only to discover an email in my school inbox telling me that my class for which the paper is due has been cancelled for the day.

*inarticulate scream of rage*


At least this means I have two more days to make the piece of crap paper wothy of an A now. 

Oh, internetz. Why can't I just quit you?


Good news!

Dec. 19th, 2007 02:29 pm
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I have a computer once again!


Finished my last final at one and now I have to finish packing so I can get home before dark.

God, it is so hard to type with fake nails...
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 Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans!

My laptop's still being a pain in the butt, but I'm home until Sunday at noon when the dorms open up again so I have access to two computers with internet now and I don't have to walk three blocks to the campus library.

I'm hoping to get something done this weekend - both fic and homework, ugh. Unfortunately, I decided this would be a good weekend to go out and buy Guitar Hero 2 for my sister's PS2 and I've been playing that since I got home from WalMart last night at 11. My wrists and thumbs are killing me. 

No more typing for me.

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I'm having computer trouble again, so if I don't post anything before Thanksgiving that's undoubtedly why. My laptop just keep dying on me with no explanation and now won't even hold a charge. 

Good thing I don't have to, you know, type a ten-plus page research paper in the next five weeks. Or write a million articles for the university newspaper. Or write/research for a speech. Or...

You get the picture.

Stupid technology. *kicks*


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I need to stop finding new TV shows to get into. 

My new favorite TV show of the month is the U.S. version of The Office. I am in love with Jim Halpert. Absolutely in love. Soooo cute! And his relationship with Pam? Gah. I want to melt into puddles everytime the two of them do something cute. 

Also, I'm in love with Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott, however creepy that may be. Those two manage to crack me up so much. Dwight especially because nerds are made of complete awesome. I bought season two on DVD this weekend, mostly just to prevent my roommate's boyfriend from dying from boredom while I watched my favorite season of America's Next Top Model, and I've been watching it constantly. 

So far, I've found two people on campus to watch Stargate Atlantis with me...out of 6,500 people. Le sigh. One of them, however, is a cute boy who lives on my floor. ;) I probably shouldn't make any, "ZOMG, Shep is so HAWT" comments around him if we end up watching it together though. 


Not like I actually make those comments on a regular basis. Haha. Ha. 

In other news, my R.A. volunteered to dye my hair for me! I want to do it this week so when I go home for my sister's birthday this weekend my poor mother will freak out. :D At least it isn't a tattoo...yet. 

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I'm almost finished packing and cleaning my room. Thank god. I move out on Sunday and classes start on Thursday, so if you don't hear from me for a while, I'm just getting settled in. I'll probably post something Sunday night though. 

I was really hoping to get another chapter of A Boy and His Car posted before I go to college, but the middle is being difficult. Character introductions and stuff. I was also hoping to post some more of Sam in Atlantis - also having difficulty with that. I also need to get started on my 

[profile] anotheratlantis prompt because the due date is September 15th...

Damn it, I knew I should've been doing something useful with my time this week besides facebook creeping. 




box sets

Aug. 24th, 2007 07:59 am
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Guess what comes in the mail next Tuesday? My birthday present from three months ago...

Heroes season one seven-disc DVD set!! Win!

This is just going to make packing for college so much more entertaining and distracting. :) My roommate won't know what hit her - I've already told her we're having marathons of SG-1, SGA, Heroes, and Scrubs once we get in. She's actually seen Stargate the movie, so I'm expecting the conversion to come along quite nicely. If not, then she'll just have to live with me stealing the TV every Friday night for the rest of the year. 

God. I'm not going to have a social life, am I? 

I was considering buying Supernatural season one on DVD yesterday, but I've never seen it. The only reason I considered picking it up was because half the f-list is gaga over it too. So should I wait to find reruns on TV or snap it up now? 

Today's the last day of work at both places before college! Today is a very good day.
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My laptop's (mostly) fixed! Yay!

My co-worker really needs to give me my copy of Twilight back. I wants Edward! There's not enough of him in New Moon and he has to compete for page space with Jacob in Eclipse. *grumblegrumble*

I wants meh book back!

I hate it when one Young Adult series brings back my hope for the rest of the genre. There's only so much fictional teenage troubles I can stand.

I need to get to work. There's actually breaking news - someone may have drowned in the lake. Not a good thing, but I'll have something to report at least.

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I'll be out in Baltimore for an college journalism conference the rest of the week. I should be home next Monday, so don't let anything too bad happen while I'm gone, 'kay?

We're going to do more school shopping when I get back. :) I bought a TV/DVD combo, iron, ironing board, some dishes, and a fluffy body pillow last weekend. K-Mart was having a big clearance blow-out, so everything was dirt cheap. It also helps that I get a 10% discount because work at the restaurant. My roommate spent the night last Saturday and I can't wait for college to start. Move-in day is September 2. 

I discovered today that all my used course books are going to cost around $713. I suppose I have my four Latin coursebooks to thank for that, as well as my $100 Biology book and the zillion I need for English. And that's just for my first semester. Oy. 

Mother also wants a copy of my password for my U. username. Yeah right. Like she's getting anywhere near my grades and university email. 

My laptop randomly started acting up on Monday. It now takes about five minutes to load and it won't recognize my router. I've tried dozens of solutions and nothing seems to work. I'm planning on reloading the OS once I get back from Baltimore if things don't improve on the trip. I'm taking it with me so I can write and I won't have my mother around to bother me about being sociable. :)

Will be posting fic in a bit. It is extremely cracky in it's nature, so be afraid. Very afraid.
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I did my civic duty today and got some brats trying to record Transformers on their cell phones kicked out of the theatre half-way through the movie. 

I noticed that the kid had his cell phone out during the previews and thought he was text messaging, so I left it alone, grumbling under my breath about the nerve I some people. I noticed that he was pointing it at the screen a little bit and the previews were showing up on his phone, so I pointed it out to one of my friends. Someone a few seats behind me got up and told the little bastard to put his phone away (he was holding it up rather high, actually) because it was distracting. He put it away and I did notice anything again until one of the earlier action sequences where he had pulled it out again and was actually recording the movie. 

Once again, I pointed this out ot my friend, who suggested we go get the mangement. I went because I had already seen the movie and a few scenes later, when he had his phone out again, he and his friends got busted and were taken out of the movie theatre. Apparently, he had taken a few pictures and a couple of videos, but no charges were pressed because it wasn't anything incredibly signifigant. 

The main manager of the cinema was disappointed about that because a federal charge would've gotten him a raise. 

Whatever. I'm just glad the little bastard was thrown out because I hate, more than anything, people who can't turn their freakin' cell phones off in the theatre and have to do shit like that to ruin everyone else's movie experience. 

Anyway, Transformers was just as good the second time around (I haven't go to a movie two times in theatres for a long time!) and now I must rush off to work!

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Home at last!

And not another day too soon, thank God. Apparently the relatives on my mother's side of the family don't believe in Internet. Or cable TV, god damn it. 

But New York City was fun and completely awesome. I loved every second. 

There will be picture spam and a full account of my activities tomorrow. Right now I need to do some catching up with the f-list.

And sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.
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Sweet relief! I don't I've ever been so grateful to go to work today. 

My mom is going crazy because we're leaving for New York tomorrow morning and she has to clean and shout at my sister and I to get things done, and I can't stand it when she shouts because it makes my teeth grind and my eye twitch. Plus, there's no reason for her to shout when I can hear her perfectly fine from downstairs. Add the shouting into my sister generally being an annoyance by messing with Mom's somewhat new cell phone and reminding me exactly what kind of fake Chanel purse I have to buy her all morning long makes me a very unhappy camper indeed. 

I had a pounding headache by the time I left the house, which has thankfully calmed down now that I've taken some meds and the radio station is dead quiet - just the way I like it. 

I don't know how I'm going to be able to put up with my mother if she's shrieky and panicky and...motherish all next week. Hopefully she'll calm down once we're on the flight tomorrow. (She refused to let me bring more than one book on the plane and she only expects me to only bring one journal, WTF?) She and my other aunts can be awfully annoying and naggy when they feel like it - good thing we're not dragging the entire Kennedy clan with us this time. 

Mother's also not letting me bring my laptop because my uncle probably has Internet in his apartment. (She clearly doesn't understand the almost disgusting attachment I have with that device.) So I probably won't be online much, if at all, next week. 

I should probably start working so I can get out of here at a decent hour and take a long nap. Our flight leaves at 5 AM tomorrow, so I'm thinking I'm just not going to go to bed at all. Which is probably a terrible idea and I will regret it when the jet lag finally catches up later in the week.

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So apparently there's some big ass storm blowing into tonight. The wind has been blowing like mad throughout the day - I heard it was around 50 MPH. No beach today. Or tomorrow. But I'm finally going to see PotC 3, so I don't care!

Good thing I sleep down in the basement - I can't hear anything down here and I'm perfectly safe if another tornado decides to land in the area this year.

I chopped about ten inches of my hair off yesterday - it looked like a small animal died under my chair. I wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love, but my stylist said that she'd have to cut it much shorter than I wanted and my hair doesn't look good when it's incredibly short because its way too thick. I was so disappointed; it felt like such a waste.

I'm now currently sporting a style of hair that I affectionately call my "Carter Cut." I tried to style my hair like Amanda Tapping, but my hair has too much effing poof that I can get it the way I want it. Gah. At least it looks cute the way it is. 

Methinks I should do something constructive for once and go write fic...




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