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Apr. 29th, 2011 11:31 pm
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Can anyone link to some recent AU fests or AU challenges from fandom at large? I'm thinking about starting an AU fest for Percy Jackson, but the only one I have experience in is [ profile] team_sga's fest and that format seems a little too complex for me (aka I'd have to pay attention and stuff). I was wondering what other models are out there.

And I guess this also serves as a I wouldn't be the only one writing, riiiiight? post...
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Does anyone have the link to that essay about nice guys vs. Nice Guys that was floating around the Internet a while ago? I can't seem to remember what it was called and my Googlefu is weak today.

edit: FOUND IT.
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I'm trying to come up with a couple of ideas for the next overall prompt battle theme at [ profile] pjo_fic_battle and my mind is stuck on movie-themed or AU-themed.

Anyone else some ideas?

[ profile] mediate89 already suggested a baby!fic theme and that is so not happening, jsyk
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My project this week is working on the Percy/Annabeth essay for [ profile] ship_manifesto that needs to be posted Sunday. I have less than 200 words for something that's probably going to be upwards of 2,500 when finished, so yaaaay for procrastination! Good thing I've written this essay in my head, like, a million times already and spring break is next week, otherwise I'd be screwed.

But, I do need some help. There's supposed to be a fandom guide for the pairing - essentially what a new kid should read/look at - and while I have my own ideas of what to suggest, I know I've probably missed something out there. So, P/A fans on my f-list, what fanworks (fics, art, fanmixes, etc.) would you recommnd for this awesomesauce ship?
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Okay, so I lent my copy of Sea of Monsters out and my roommate's asleep, so can anyone tell me at the end spoiler cut! )
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My Firefox broswer has been crashing lately and it seems like has been the cause. Has anyone else noticed this or had this problem, or is my browser just being dumb?
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Fellow American Merlin fans: does anyone know where I can watch the new episode online yet?


ETA: Found one link. EEEEEEEE.

Fic recs?

Sep. 7th, 2009 09:30 pm
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All right y'all, I finished The Amber Spyglass today and now that Will/Lyra is my new OTP for life, I'm craving some awesome Will/Lyra fic so I don't go crawl into a corner and bawl my eyes out for the next week or so.

The His Dark Materials section at FFnet has been of no use to me yet, but if anyone can rec me some good fic, I will be forever in your debt.
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I need someone to bounce ideas off of for two epicish PJO fics I'm writing, and that I want to have a few chapters of each posted before school starts in a couple of weeks.

One's a Nico/Rachel romance and the other is an AU where Thalia's the child of prophecy instead and Percy never goes to Camp Half-Blood, just to give you a general idea. I actually have a full chapter written for the first, and just a prologue and lots of future scenes for the other. Anyone who'd like to listen to me ramble and/or read one of the things over to give me an opinion would be appreciated!
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I need some fact checking help, f-list!

Anyone been to the Empire State Building lately? I went a couple of years of ago, and for the life of me, I can't remember if - between the second floor where you buy your tickets and the 86th where you hit the observatory - there's another stop you make to switch elevators or go through the tour.

I know there's a spot where you can get your official Empire State picture taken with your group, and then you come back down to pick it out on a wall, but I don't remember if this is on the second floor or that second stop I might just be imagining. The official website is being of no help to me at the moment, so any of your in-put would be grand.

The information really isn't life or death to my fic, but it just helps make one of the pivotal scenes a lot better.

And just because we're talking about it...

I think some awesome Son of Poseidon must've been saving NYC while I was there )

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Dear fic muses,

I have my Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Transformer crackfics to finish. I have to write two crackfics for  [profile] team_sgain April. I have to write lots of crack for [community profile] sgabigbang

Why do you insist on putting Dancing with the Stars and The Cutting Edge crack into my head? That much crack can't coexist in one person's brain. Something's going to explode and it's not going to be pretty.

So f-list. Help me out.

Which brain eating crack idea would you like to see me write a 1,000 word fic out of?

1. Dancing with the Stars: Rock star John Sheppard's in need of some publicity for his first album in five years and his manager Rodney McKay decides to sign him up for a stint on the hit reality TV show "Boogieing with Celebrities." John plans to back out until he meets his partner, international dance sensation Teyla Emmagan. Sparks fly behind the scenes as Teyla tries to teach John how to dance like a star so they can win the competition against two-time "Boogie" champion Ronon Dex and his partner, TV actress Jennifer Keller. 

2. The Cutting Edge: Olympic medalist Teyla Emmagan is looking for a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics but her hopes are dashed when her skating partner Kanaan suffers a career ending injury in a car crash a year before competition. Teyla tries to find another partner and none of the guys are up to snuff - save rugged surfer and X-Games skater John Sheppard. Teyla convinces John to train with her after she learns he used to ice skate, and she soon has herself a new partner. But can they keep their relationship professional and qualify for the Olympics? Or will they take the next step and wil John flake out last minute?

Only you can decide!


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