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One old and another new untitled Percy/Annabeth drabbles. First is from some drabble meme that I never posted and another is a birthday fic, since it's Percy's birthday today. ;)

Title: Untitled #1
Prompt: Percy/Annabeth, forbidden fruit
Rating: PG

It takes Percy approximately five seconds to realize he has one foot in a mop bucket. )

Title: Untitled #2
Rating: PG

I mean, this is just cruel and unusual, making the birthday boy bake his own cake! )
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Commentfic for the THE HUNGER GAMES DRABBLE MEME which you should totally participate in. Or at least give me a Finnick/Johanna prompt to play with.

Peeta and Prim, she watches him bake something, with some Peeta/Katniss on the side
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Title: logic of love
Characters/Pairing: Percy/Annabeth
Prompt/Note: From the "Prompt the Opposition" challenge at [ profile] demigod_elite where people who don't like certain ships can post what they don't get about them and ship supporters will write a fic to try and show them otherwise. Written for [ profile] igrab, who said she didn't think Percy/Annabeth would last long because Annabeth would eventually want someone smarter than Percy.

D'you ever think you'll get bored with me? )
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Title: Tribute to Flo's Meatloaf Surprise
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Rachel and Nico, with slight shippy undertones
Word Count: 651
Summary: Rachel has a new hobby, and it's annoying Nico to death. No pun intended.
Notes: For the drabble contest going on at [ profile] demigod_elite. Just a little snapshot of one of a post-series idea mine where Rachel and Nico become awesome, cross-country monster hunters in college. I just wanted diner snark, okay?

You know, I invited you on this quest because I need your help. Not so you could be my personal paparazzo. )
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Title: three-in-a-bed
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Percy/Annabeth/Nico
Word Count: 370
Summary: There are some things even demigods can't do. Fitting three people in a twin size bed is apparently one of them.
Notes: For the drabble contest going on at [ profile] demigod_elite. Also for [ profile] antistar_e who made me a lovely Percy/Annabeth/Nico fanmix last week and for [ profile] artemisrae who needs more encouragement to write her OT3 fic. And, uh, for everyone else who likes this pairing because you are awesome. The end.

The bed was big enough when you weren't in it! )
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The second group from the first line meme. I'm still game for taking a few more prompts, so if you get one in before Monday, I'll do my best to fill it.

Characters: Percy and Annabeth
Word count: 156

Annabeth stood, gaping, as Percy grinned. )

Title: Homeward Bound
Characters: Luke and Annabeth
Word count: 133

Elysium becomes a thousand times more radiant when she arrives. )

Title: Normal is Relative
Characters: Paul and Percy
Word count: 100

So this is normal? )

Title: Compare/Contrast
Characters: Percy Jackson and Claire Bennett (crossover)
Word count: 310

I did that once. It broke the garbage disposal. )

Title: Basketcase
Characters: John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir
Word count: 219

Maybe we should give them a fruit basket. )

Title: Momentary Distraction
Characters: Ian Kabra and Amy Cahill
Word count: 183

Ian knew Dan would kill him, but he'd decided not to care. )
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Round-up the drabbles from the first line meme. Splitting into two posts. Various pairings and ratings, although the last Percy/Annabeth fic on this entry is pure smutfic. Thank you to everyone who gave me the prompts to work with!

Title: All You Have To Do Is Ask
Characters: Nico and Rachel
Word count: 125

I didn't ask for this, you know! )

Title: A Pair of Hypocrites
Characters: Nico and Rachel
Word count: 223

Well, you're one to talk, hypocrite. )

Title: Say it Again
Characters: Thaila and Luke
Word Count: 103

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting her to say, but this certainly wasn’t it. )

Title: Blood Oath
Characters: Thalia and Luke
Word Count: 390

Don't be such a girl. )

Title: Passing the Blame
Characters: Percy and Annabeth
Word count: 294

We could always blame Nico. )

Title: Diversionary Tactics
Characters: Percy and Annbaeth
Word count: 430

Hades would not be happy to find out that his son had been strangled by a certain daughter of Athena, Percy thought. )

Title: To Those Who Wait
Characters: Percy and Annabeth (smutfic)
Word count: 383

Sometimes she wishes she hated him, with all the time he makes her wait. )
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And the last group, the smallest but most fun. I'll stop spamming your f-lists now, promise.

Nico di Angelo and Dean Winchester )
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The second group of drabbles from the PJO Six-Word Drabblefest. Otherwise known as the, "YOU WROTE SOMETHING OTHER THAN HET FOR ONCE, WHAT" collection.

Percy/Nico )

Annabeth/Rachel )

Percy/Nico/Annabeth )

Luke/Rachel/Nico )
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Collecting my drabbles from the PJO Six-Word Drabblefest and organizing them here because, if there's one thing I'm organized with in my life, it is my fic archiving. Dividing this into a couple posts since I wrote a bunch of different stuff.

Percy/Annabeth )

Nico/Rachel )

Percy/Rachel )

Nico/Annabeth )

Luke/Rachel )

Thalia/Luke )

Percy/Thalia )

Rachel Elizabeth Dare )
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Someday I swear I'll be able to go a week without pimping something for this fandom...
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Title: Sam in Atlantis [1/5]
Rating: PG-15 for language
Spoilers: Various Season Four spoilers; mostly the general ones. 
Summary: There are some things Sam is never going to get used to in Atlantis.
Notes: There will be more of these on the horizon, maybe when I get back from New York. I've just been drabbling to get rid of my writer's block and hopefully when I get back from my trip the block will be gone for good. But this is it for now. 

So don't let fandom go and blow itself into a flaming wreckage of wank while I'm on vacation, OK? Because I know it wants to - we haven't had a good blowup for a few weeks and I know it's coming. 

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Because I am a nerd.

Title: Soundproof
Character: Elizabeth
Rating: G

Now, back to doing something relatively important!

like my tennis/tag/thing fic.



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